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The 2023-2024 application is now open! Please use this application if you are an undergraduate or graduate applicant.  The Scholar application is only for our small cohort of TCH pediatric residents and fellows.
Questions inspired by the Cheng Evaluation Guidelines from the Social Innovation and Change Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School. The application deadline is February 5th, 2023.  You will be contacted about whether you've been selected to interview by mid-February. Decisions will be emailed to the applicants in late March 2023. 


Will you be enrolled in a degree-granting program through April 2024?
IRBs are strongly discouraged in the year of your Fellowship unless there is a valid explanation under unique circumstances. Do you plan on applying for an IRB at any point in the Fellowship year(i.e: starting a new IRB, amending a current IRB, applying for a waiver)? If yes, please explain

Project Information

Please note that any citations added are not included in the suggested word count.

Personal and Professional Information

Personal Statement*

​Please discuss the following: (suggested word count 450)

  • What is your motivation for applying to the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship? Please consider your service project, the ways in which your participation as a Schweitzer Fellow would be meaningful to your personal and professional development, and how you see staying involved in the Fellowship or living out the ideals of the Fellowship once you are an FFL.

  • Skills and experiences you will bring to the Fellowship

  • Any unique, personally important, and/or challenging factors in your background, and how they have influenced your goals and preparation for your career

Please list the contact information for one reference, ideally a faculty member from your school.  SECOND, please indicate who will  serve as your Academic Mentor for the Schweitzer Fellowship. For each person, describe your relationship in one sentence and include contact information such as telephone number and email address. (This can be the same person).

Please select the Track that best fits your proposed project. If your project doesn't fit any of these, select "Open Track".

Please upload your CV as a PDF.

Upload Resume

Please upload a head shot of yourself.  This does not have to be a formal picture.

Upload Head Shot
If selected to serve as a Schweitzer Fellow, I will commit to the following (Please select all boxes to indicate that you agree.)
How did you first hear about the Schweitzer Fellowship? (check all that apply)
How have you engaged with the Fellowship so far?

As a reminder, please ensure both your mentors submit a Mentor Form at If you do not receive a confirmation email within an hour, please email Carol Jacob at

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