The 2022-23 application cycle has closed. Decisions will be emailed to the applicants the week of March 28, 2022. Please check here next year to apply for the 2023-24 cycle!


Will you be enrolled in a degree-granting program through April 2023?
Do you plan on applying for an IRB at any point in the Fellowship year? If yes, please explain

Project Information

NOTE: Applicants proposing to sustain an existing project supported by the Schweitzer Fellowship should explain why they are choosing to continue this particular project and the ways in which the project will be expanded or quality improved. Applicants applying as a pair should discuss the role of each partner.

Personal and Professional Information as it Relates to Fellowship Activities

Personal Statement: 

Please discuss the following: (suggested word count 600)

  • Ways in which your participation as a Schweitzer Fellow would be meaningful to your personal and professional development

  • Skills and experiences you will bring to the Fellowship

  • What it might mean for you to belong to an alumni network of "Fellows for Life"

  • Any unique, personally important, and/or challenging factors in your background, and how they have influenced your goals and preparation for your career

Please list the contact information for one reference, ideally a faculty member from your school.  SECOND, please indicate who will  serve as your Academic Mentor for the Schweitzer Fellowship. For each person, describe your relationship in one sentence and include contact information such as telephone number and email address.

Please select the Track that best fits your proposed project. If your project doesn't fit any of these, select "Open Track".

Please upload your CV as a PDF.

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Please upload a head shot of yourself.  This does not have to be a formal picture.

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If selected to serve as a Schweitzer Fellow, I will commit to the following (Please select all boxes to indicate that you agree.)
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