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MENTor  form

Thank you for being willing to be a Site or Academic Mentor for a Fellow for the 2024-25 year. Here is an introduction document to the Fellowship for mentors!  The deadline for this survey is February 4th, 2024.  We will be interviewing in March and decisions go out in mid-April.  You should hear from the applicant you have been working with at that time if they were selected.  


We are asking all possible Mentors to fill out this brief 2-3 minute survey about their experience with the applicant(s).  Only one form needs to be filled out for students who are applying together. The applicant should have already shared the Mentor Onboarding Document with you that tells all potential Site and Academic Mentors everything you all need to know about the program. If they have not, it is also available to download here.

Will you be a site or academic mentor?
How would you characterize the applicant's communication with you thus far?
Do you think this project is feasible the way the applicant has planned it?
For Site Mentors only, Academic Mentors may skip to the next question. Please select which answer best fits their project proposal.
Would you like to be contacted by ASFHG staff to discuss the project or ask questions?

Is there anything else you would like us to know about the project or the applicant?

Based on the Mentor Responsibilities listed in the document above, I am ready to be the applicant's Site or Academic Mentor.

Thank you for submitting!

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