Applicants are welcome to partner with ANY agency of their choosing when designing a project for the ASF application. However, if you’re  short on ideas of where to start, the following Houston-area agencies have expressed high interest in working with a fellow next year. If you are interested in any of the opportunities in this list, please reach out using the information below for more information. If no contact information is listed, then contact Dr. Link at the Contact Us section and she can get you connected with the most appropriate person. To see current projects that can be carried on by new Fellows, please look under the Current Fellows tab under "Apply". 


We encourage applicants to begin contacting agencies or Dr. Link this fall (  that you can have a strong project plan for your application that will be due February 15, 2021.


Last updated: 12/29/21


The Brookwood Community (

Through the Grace of God, The Brookwood Community provides an educational environment that creates meaningful work, builds a sense of belonging, and awakens genuine purpose in the lives of adults with disabilities.  Currently we are making Integrative Nutrition a priority and have a vision of not only discovering and implementing ways that we can take our own Communities wellness to the next level, but also paving the way for others to do the same thing.  Some ideas so for that are very exciting to us are as follows, however we would love to collaborate and are grateful and open to any thoughts that you have: 

1.    Providing scientific data that tracks the progress and proves positive benefits of a healthier lifestyle for adults with disabilities while at the same time bringing awareness and momentum to our mission and help it grow. 

 2.     Making the Citizens famous by awakening worth and purpose in each individual is part of our mission and by making our Citizens the teachers of this nutrition and wellness initiative through a series of learning videos, we can accomplish multiple goals at one time.

Interfaith Ministries (

Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston (IMGH) would welcome 1-2 Fellows in each of these areas:

Refugees Services: We are looking for Fellows to create a project that focuses on medical case management for newly arrived refugees.  This is perfect for someone who wants to explore primary health issues in refugees and get a taste of global health factors.  Project ideas include creating health screenings and/or health education programs.  Resource guides about how our clients could find a “health home" would also be very helpful. If interested, please contact Ali Al Sudani at

Senior Services: We are looking for Fellows to create a project that would provide health resources and health information to homebound seniors across Houston who are clients of our Meals on Wheels program. This is a vulnerable population in need of health care and education and would make an innovative and needed project. If interested, please contact Leslie Kian, Director, Meals on Wheels Healthcare Innovation at for more information.

FAMHouston (

FAMHouston works for justice by building empowered community among refugees, immigrants, and local Houstonians

through practices of hospitality, mutuality, storytelling & inclusivity. Some ideas for projects with us include:

1. Attending Shamba Days in our garden on Saturdays, getting to know the community and creating a project that is responsive to those needs.

2. Creating a resource list for our new Pamoja Program which will aid in case management for newly arrived refugee families. 

For more information, please contact N. Francine Murhebwa, Pamoja Program Director at

East Harris County Empowerment Council (

EHCEC is a social impact organization that exists to improve individuals' quality of life through innovative, sustainable programs and services that empower men, women, and youth to achieve their full potential. We exclusively focus on serving the communities of East Harris County. We are looking for a Fellow to assist with a new program we are launching called "Power In The Parks".  This program will be centered on bringing communities to underutilized outdoor spaces to invest in their local parks and engage in events, such as heart-healthy fun runs. For more information and to hear about other possible projects, please contact Fellow for Life and Health Equity Manager, Christian Capo at


 Jewish Family Service (

Jewish Family Service is a non-profit, human service agency who aids and provides professional resources to the greater Houston area. Although once an organization to only cater to the Jewish Community, Jewish Family services aids all individuals struggling with life challenges. All these projects are the traditional needs assessments followed by the creation of a service project unless otherwise noted. For more information on these projects, please contact Dr. Ada Cheung Chief Clinical Officer at  Project sites ideas fall under these Health Tracks:

Mental Health:

  • Helping men’s and women’s support groups with formation and delivery of educational content related to health and mental health.

  • Assisting in suicide risk assessment and prevention training. This could include finding resources, examining best practices, presenting the educational information and role play in the context of training.

  • Wait list assistance.  JFS has a waitlist for some of its mental health services – what kind of programming might be offered to these individuals? 


  • What barriers exist for this community in accessing mental health services. Needs assessment project.


  • What barriers exist for communities of color in accessing mental health services. Needs assessment project.

Elder Health:

  • Assistance with grief support groups.

  • For seniors, workshops on keeping mind and body healthy.

Children’s Health:

  • Train parents in the PAX method which gives the tools to help prevent behavioral health concerns and promote positive relationships.

  • Evaluate outcomes in the Love and Logic Parenting program. Program evaluation project.

Women’s Health:

  • Assist the Shalom Bayit Task Force to provide preventative domestic violence education, resources, links, information and referrals for individuals who are experiencing domestic abuse.

Individuals with intellectual disabilities:

  • Creation of workshops on navigating the healthcare system:

  1. Create a collection of Lesson Plans or Curriculum based on the small groups

  2. Improve participant knowledge and comfort regarding visits to various types of doctors and exams

  3. Improve knowledge and comfort around using a pharmacy, how to get prescriptions filled, over the counter meds vs. Prescriptions, side effects (what they are, how to report them, etc.), what happens if you miss a dose, what if you are offered the wrong medicine to take at the wrong time, and so on.

  4. Create a simple visual document that can be used with health care professionals and patients who are nonverbal or communicate differently

  5. We encourage bringing in various medical professionals to speak to our participants and will help coordinate Community Based Instructions (CBI) if going to a pharmacy or doctor’s office would be helpful

Project Unity - College Station (

Project Unity’s mission is to empower children, families, and individuals to reach their highest potential in communities where they live.  We would be interested in having Fellows work on a new project involving IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback.  This new type of neurofeedback produces results in a limited number of sessions and is effective in treating PTSD, substance abuse, depression and anxiety. Please reach out to Ms. Ella McGruder at


TIRR Memorial Herman (  

TIRR Memorial Hermann offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care that address the individual needs of each patient who has experienced a life altering injury or illness.  The following are some suggestions from TIRR leadership.

  • Determine barriers and facilitators to access of specialized healthcare services (ie, dental care) for patients with a disability (ie, SCI, brain injury, stroke, others) in a community setting.  Settings could include community health care centers, pro bono clinics, outpatient medical clinic.  Stakeholder input can include but not limited to patients, caregivers, therapists, physicians, advocacy groups, etc

  • Develop a health promotion program (ie, dental hygiene program) at the community center/clinic and conduct a study to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of the program

  • Collaborate with Memorial Hermann System community health/population health programs to explore how Fellows might partner with  them to provide services for individuals with disabilities.

  • Lead advocacy projects like Exercise is Medicine, advocacy for the arts and recreation, telemedicine

Please contact Director of Education for TIRR Memorial Hermann Anna DeJoya at

New Hope Housing (

New Hope Housing's New Hope Housing’s core purpose is to provide life-stabilizing, affordable, permanent housing with support services for people who live on very limited incomes. Our vision is to be an enduring institution serving Houston’s most vulnerable citizens.  New Hope has opportunities in several different programs every year focusing on health education, children's programming and nutrition education.  We have been contacted about all of our current programs except for the Beading Project - we would be very interested in having that program continue.  Please contact Sarah Mangrem, Director of Resident Programs at to discuss all of these options.

Montrose Grace Place (

​Our mission is to provide a safe, welcoming environment for vulnerable homeless youth of all sexualities and genders, providing nourishment, healthy relationships, and hope for the future. We do this by opening our doors to homeless youth of all sexual orientations and gender identities who are between the ages of 13 and 24 years old every Monday and Thursday at 6:00pm.  Youth night is an evening of food, mentorship, and skills building. The youth and volunteers share a seated, family-style meal followed by an interactive lesson, craft, or other activity. We are looking for Fellows who are interested in leading some of these sessions focusing on mental health and supporting the youth. Please contact Courtney Sellars at


Angela House ( 

Fellowship projects are conducted at Angela House each year. If you are interested in designing an educational project with the female residents of Angela House, please discuss your ideas with their Case Manager, Sarah Mabry. Angela House is a sixteen bed residential facility helping women re-enter society after incarceration. Angela House offers approximately 30 hours a week of programming to help address the many areas of need for our women.  Please email


C.H.A.T. (

The mission of CHAT (Culture of Health Advancing Together) is to foster the health and well-being of immigrant and refugee communities through the education, arts, advocacy and access to care. To discuss your idea, please contact Executive Director Dr. Aisha Siddiqui at