Applicants are welcome to partner with ANY agency of their choosing when designing a project for the ASF application. However, if you’re  short on ideas of where to start, the following Houston-area agencies have expressed high interest in working with a fellow next year. If you are interested in any of the opportunities in this list, please reach out using the information below for more information. If no contact information is listed, then contact Dr. Hansen at the Contact Us section and she can get you connected with the most appropriate person.


We encourage applicants to begin contacting agencies or Dr. Hansen this fall so that you can have a strong project plan for your application that will be due in February of 2021.


Last updated: 5/14/2021


The Brookwood Community (

Through the Grace of God, The Brookwood Community provides an educational environment that creates meaningful work, builds a sense of belonging, and awakens genuine purpose in the lives of adults with disabilities.  Currently we are making Integrative Nutrition a priority and have a vision of not only discovering and implementing ways that we can take our own Communities wellness to the next level, but also paving the way for others to do the same thing.  Some ideas so for that are very exciting to us are as follows, however we would love to collaborate and are grateful and open to any thoughts that you have: 

1.    Providing scientific data that tracks the progress and proves positive benefits of a healthier lifestyle for adults with disabilities while at the same time bringing awareness and momentum to our mission and help it grow. 

 2.     Making the Citizens famous by awakening worth and purpose in each individual is part of our mission and by making our Citizens the teachers of this nutrition and wellness initiative through a series of learning videos, we can accomplish multiple goals at one time.

FAMHouston (

FAMHouston works for justice by building empowered community among refugees, immigrants, and local Houstonians

through practices of hospitality, mutuality, storytelling & inclusivity. Some ideas for projects with us include:

1 -A limited series wellness program to be hosted at Shamba Ya Amani for the community focused on mental health, body image, the influence of social media, mindfulness, etc.  Please contact us for information.

2 -A training program for our leaders around learning to become "Friendship Bench" therapists--perhaps by working with Dr. Banu at The Alliance. This program began in Zimbabwe and would be a terrific addition to our programming for refugees. You can learn more about it here:

East Harris County Empowerment Council (

EHCEC is a social impact organization that exists to improve individuals' quality of life through innovative, sustainable programs and services that empower men, women, and youth to achieve their full potential. We exclusively focus on serving the eastern communities of Channelview, Crosby, Galena Park, North Shore, Jacinto City and Sheldon. We are seeking motivated leaders who have experience with research and data analysis & visualization. You will also be involved in developing and implementing community-based projects, including but not limited to team discussions, research opportunities and creating unique opportunities to engage the communities we serve and support. These skill sets will be leveraged to successfully tell the story of needs and opportunities in East Harris County.


1. San Jose Clinic (

San José Clinic, Houston’s oldest safety-net clinic, recently opened a Fort Bend County satellite clinic. The Clinic will complete its community health needs assessment for the satellite clinic in December 2019. We are seeking an Albert Schweitzer Fellow to oversee the development and implementation of policies, services, and procedures tailored to the needs of the community based on the conclusions of the community health needs assessment. The Fellow will also act as a community liaison by conducting several community events throughout the duration of the fellowship. These events will serve to gather feedback as well as foster trust and fellowship with members of the community. Contact Gabrielle Hansen to get the contact information for Ms. Maureen Sanders.

2. YWCA (


3. New Hope Housing (


4. TIRR Memorial Herman (


5. Legacy Community Health (


6. C.H.A.T. (


7. Jewish Family Service ( – Contact Gabrielle Hansen to get the contact information for Dr. Ada Cheung.

Jewish Family Service, founded in 1913, is a non-profit, human service agency who aids and provides professional resources to the greater Houston area.  Although once an organization to only cater to the Jewish Community, Jewish Family services aids all individuals struggling with life challenges.  Our mission is to strengthen Houston’s community through counseling, education, and social services.  Jewish Family Services offers an array of services on a sliding-fee scale such as disability services, senior adult services, case management, employment services, community outreach, counseling services for adults and children, and financial assistance programs. Through these efforts to enhance the Houston community, Jewish Family Services has identified certain underprivileged populations which more effort and attention is needed. We offered free support groups such as men’s support group (transition from work workforce to retirement), caregivers support, grief/loss by suicide, trauma impacted by Harvey, and adolescent males’ struggles. With the current opioid crisis, there are more Houstonians suffering from substance use issues and need intensive intervention. Reducing and recognizing mental illness is a big problem in our community, and it has contributed to the increase in suicide rates across the United States.  More help from the Houston community is needed to fill the gaps and improve the lives of Houston’s impoverished communities.

Areas of interest:


Substance use

Mental health stigma


Help-seeking behaviors

Therapy modalities

Family issues: Divorce/ Parenting/ blended family/ Single parent/

Economic justice

8. Community Health Choice (

Community Health Choice is interested in a Fellow project in the following areas:


Childhood Obesity

Utilizing benefits for preventive care

Early childhood development

If you are interested in designing a project in those areas, with underserved populations in Houston, across CHC clinics and waiting rooms, please see the link below to learn more and then contact Daisy Morales, Vice President- Community Affairs.

9. Mission of Yahweh ( and Facebook Page)

 If you are interested in developing a curriculum or series of workshops for their residents (women) on a variety of health and wellness topics, or if you are interested in working with the children who live there, please see the website listed below for more information about the Mission and contact Dr. Gabrielle Hansen who will put you in contact with the best person at The Mission of Yahweh, depending on the topic you plan to address.

10. Interfaith Ministries.  

Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston would welcome 1-2 Fellows to create a project that would provide health resources and health information to homebound seniors across Houston who are clients of their Meals on Wheels program. This is a vulnerable population in need of health care and education and would make an innovative and needed project. If interested, please contact ASFHG Executive Director Dr. Gabrielle Hansen for more information and contacts at Interfaith Ministries.

11. Amanaah Refugee Services


12. Neighborhood Centers


13. H.O.M.E.S Clinic


14. The Beacon


15. Angela House

Fellowship projects are conducted at Angela House each year. If you are interested in designing an educational project or awareness campaign or intervention with the female residents of Angela House, please discuss your ideas with their Case Manager, Sarah Mabry. Angela House is a sixteen bed residential facility helping women re-enter society after incarceration. Angela House offers approximately 30 hours a week of programming to help address the many areas of need for our women.  Please email

16. ProUnitas (

ProUnitas’ mission is to disrupt the way holistic social, health, and educational services are accessed for a more empowered and resilient society. The problem is that our world is program rich and system poor. Across all industries, we have created very labor intensive processes that ultimately do not meet clients’ needs. In industries where service delivery significantly affects life outcomes, we continue to function with fragmented service provider ecosystems and disparate data platforms. This creates inefficiencies, static processes, and creates work in silos.  Our Solution combines the power of technology and people, we aim to transform and systematize how services are equitably and accountably accessed for the people that need it most. Our software, Purple, captures and preserves the work done on the ground in order for the ecosystem to easily hand off support to the most appropriate party, and generate dynamic inventories of service providers so that we are all communicating together and functioning on the same page. We currently function in the education space and are emerging into health as well.  We would like a fellow who is passionate about systems change and can help us in a variety of areas ranging from refining training materials, providing feedback on the UX/UI of the platform, and who can provide expertise on designing work flows for healthcare professionals. For more info, please contact our Chief Innovation Officer, Albert Wei at

17. YMCA International

YMCA International works with resettled refugees in Houston, and they have expressed interest in having a fellow next year. If you are interested in this program, please contact Shaoli Bhadra at shaoli.bhadra [at]

18. Hunger Free Texans (

Please contact Aaron Herrera at aherrera [at] for more information.